A Deckhand for the TV show Deadliest Catch was knocked out Cold in a Shocking Mishap: VIDEO

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Deadliest Catch” is always full of drama and action. But the last episode was especially intense. New footage shows the moment Devon Davis – Patricia Lee‘s new deckhand – got knocked out cold. Watch the video below to find out how it happened.

Keeping the vessel running smoothly is a lot of work for the crew, but important to keep getting those huge, delicious crabs! When one of them collapses and needs their companions, they hurry over to help.

One of the deckhands says that something hit Davis in the head and goes on to explain to the captain. The rest of the crew then turn their attention to Davis. They shake his arms and ask him to wake up.

He rolls into consciousness, head pressed to the ground and stained with blood. Then he eventually realizes what is going on around him, his eyes widening in confusion. The crew members take care of him, propping him up against a nearby pole.

“At first, things seemed to be good. But after one of the Patricia Lee’s deckhands asked Davis if he could remember his name, Davis said no.”

A lot of fans are dying to see the new episode of Deadliest Catch. And if what some people are speculating is true, it will be an emotional rollercoaster.

The final frames of the video show Captain Rip Carlton’s newest deckhand sprawled on the floor of his ship. We also saw blood coming out from his mouth, so despite Davis not remembering his name in the video, it is better than the alternative.

Tune in to watch the new episode of “Deadliest Catch” on Monday, at 8 pm EST on Discovery.

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that reality TV shows have ratings that are often manipulated to create a good story, but is this the case with shows like Deadliest Catch?

For “Deadliest Catch” star Rip Carlton, it’s said that he’s one of the luckiest fishermen in Alaska, but his ship the “Patricia Lee” isn’t good news for deckhands. The latest episode of the show had two other terrifying events preceding Devon Davis’s collapse.

A few episodes ago on “Deadliest Catch”, viewers were gripped as one of Patricia Lee’s deckhands became trapped underneath a crab pot. It was an intense helicopter rescue!

While the viewers were unable to see any external injuries the deckhand sustained, it’s clear that they needed medical airlift due to possible internal injuries.

Prior to that, Rip Carlton’s crew saw the tragic death of 30-year-old Todd Kochutin.

Kochutin reportedly sustained lethal injuries while working aboard the ship. From what we’ve seen on the show so far, it looks like there’s a lot of drama. It leaves the viewers wondering how many scenes are actually real and whether others are planned in advance.

According to Elliot Neese, who was a Captain of the fishing vessel Cornelia Marie, and also spoke about the show during an interview with Newswire, “Deadliest Catch” creators definitely take some artistic direction. The latest fishing accidents are unfortunate, as they actually happened and show the genuine dangers of Alaskan crab fisherman. The creators have also fake incidents to make people feel like there’s a heightened sense of urgency. One thing is certain – it is not all real.

One episode of Deadliest Catch falsely presented footage of a flood with the footage of a storm to make the former seem related. The storm had nothing to do with the ship and all deckhands were safe

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